Luka Dončić is a deceptive space hunter, meticulously surveying the floor for gaps, openings and opportunities to get his shot off at a moment’s notice or rifle a pass to an open teammate. Embracing the lethal step-back that epitomizes Dončić’s elite court control, Jordan Brand has officially unveiled the Jordan Luka 2 and its technology that serves the next generation of on-court space makers.


“I still can’t believe I have my own signature shoe with Jordan Brand, and now we’re already on the Luka 2,” Dončić said. “The technology keeps getting better, and I hope people feel the same special connection with this one that I have.”

Returning his first silhouette’s combination of Formula23 Foam and an IsoPlate mid-foot system, the Luka 2’s sole unit has been renovated to maximize the multidirectional movements that make the four-time All-Star so lethal. Building off of the Luka 1’s ability to keep each player in place while creating separation, the Jordan Luka 2 introduces an all-new medial Cushlon 3.0 wedge foam that places the foot at the optimal banking angle when deploying crossovers, hesi moves and euro steps.

The Jordan design team has studied and maximized Dončić’s movements in full with the four-part midsole coming packed to the brim with technology to aid the Slovenian superstar. Housed within a firm foam crater, the forefoot’s Formula23 Foam is secured by the raised lateral sidewall of the revised IsoPlate while the addition of Cushlon helps sink the foot into the aforementioned tooling.

Matching the model’s technological evolution is an equally expansive slate of five initial colorways, which we’ve broken down below.

While we await further release details, enjoy a detailed look at each of the pairs below in the meantime.

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